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We look forward to building our entertainment complex featuring twenty-six businesses for your many pleasures and customers are our VIP's!

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My Provider Productions Forthcoming Businesses

   First Floor                                    Second Floor                            Third Floor

1. Movie Theaters

2.Large lounge with a large stage

3. Health Food Café

4. Ice Cream Shop

5. Hot Grill

6. Coffee Center

7. Ribs & Pork Chops Café

8. Fish & Fries

9. A Security Office

1. Pizza Shop

2. Chicken & Fries

3. Clothing Store

4. Barber Shop

5. Hair Salon

6. Full-Service Massage Salon

7. Two Nail Salons (His and Hers)

8. Recording Studio with 3 rooms

1. Five Guest Suites

2. Meeting/Conference Room

3. Film Production Office

4. Marketing & Advertising Office

5. Fitness Center

6. Private Lounge

7. Dry Cleaners/Clothing Manufacture

8. Film/Music Production Studio Sound Stage

9. Book Publishing Company

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