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Black Wall Street New Dream Publishing

Our series, "My Call" is, "The Ten Commandments", "Scarface", and "New Jack City" combined...


Moses brought you to the promise land in... "The Ten Commandments." Toni Montana rose from a Cuban refugee, to Kingpin in... "Scarface." Nino Brown and  G-money controlled the streets of New York selling crack, twenty-four seven in... "New Jack City." Now comes stories of the millennium...

"My Call" ( Volume 5 of the series has been added) series  involve drama, action, sex, violence, suspense, horror, prayer, comedy, heart breaking emotional events, die hard love, supernatural forces, and special effects packed in these stories of epic proportions. 

4' x 10' My Call TV Banner.jpg

The character Mr. Bones in "My Call" is an unstoppable force. Is he really human, or...

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My Call II full cover jpeg.jpg
My Call III full cover jpeg.jpg
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My Call V Final Book Cover.jpg

My Call VI is coming...
The, "My Call" saga will continue

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Book Trailer  "The Master Deceiver"

Coming In 2023

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