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  My Call  IV
The Origin Of Mr. Bones

Let’s find out about this entity. Is he just the character that caused Ronald Emmanuel O’Neil and his entire family so much pain and suffering along with countless others in My Call I, II, III. No! He was never a man whose presence remained unnoticed...The piercing eyes that spoke of mysteries yet to be unraveled, the power of transforming himself and others into that which should not have been. But he was Mr. Bones...a mystery figure of unknown origin. Who is Mr. BONES? How did he acquire his powers? Is he MAN... or ...other...

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 My Call V
The Final Showdown

The saga continues in the O’Neil family. The adversary never gives up and the deadly spirit of Mr. Bones moves from one host to another to continue its chosen path…deception, destruction and death! The enemy knows when, where, and whom to strike at all times and no one is immune to its dangerous reach. The O’Neil’s and friends are living a very comfortable life financially and emotionally and never thought they would have to deal with their past tribulations again.

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Having The Best

Money has been the core of the beginning of many relationships and wars. Some would say having it is the answer to all of their problems. Is this true for you? Come on be for real. Can you really say you would turn down having all the money you need? Many relationships have been destroyed by money one way or another. Can love be the answer? Read about what happens when money, sex, and life temptations are put to the test.

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The Master Deceiver II
    Be Careful What You Ask For

COMING Soon...

Tragedy has transpired immensely in the Richardson family through the forces of darkness which have touched family members and friends and left everyone in a state of severe emotional and physical distress. Regardless of how badly you desire something, choose your path carefully. Now, what costs do the Richardson family members and friends pay for their very unwise choices. We all have desires and dreams and work hard to accomplish them. But what happens when you become impatient and decide to walk a different path to get what you desire? Continue to read.

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