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                         Welcome To
              My Provider Productions
Black Wall Street New Dream Publishing

"If Thou Can Believe, All Things Are  
Possible To Him That Believe"

 Mark 9:23

MPP's current focus is our book publishing company, Black Wall Street New Dream Publishing and books to film adaptations. Your continued support for our projects make this possible. Preview our first single MPP SONGS. We appreciate you!

The Master Deceiver  Be Careful What You Ask For 
Will be our first feature film project.

The Master Deceiver
Some members of the Richardson family and others will do anything to achieve their dreams. The path they take could lead to their destruction. Sex! Violence! Money! Aids! Cancer! Murder! Abortion! And more. The voodoo doctor, Doctor Eyes will give them what they want. At a PRICE!

TMD kindle cover jpeg.jpg

Be Careful What You Ask For
You Just Might Get It.
       Then What...


Some of the books contain explicit sexual content and graphic violence. It is intended for mature audiences only. Reader discretion is advised. The themes and situations in the novels may be disturbing or triggering to some readers. The author does not endorse any harmful behaviors described in this work.

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