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The Master Deceiver
Be Careful What You Ask For 

James and Sherry Richardson are a wealthy married African American couple with six children living in Raleigh, North Carolina. James is a pastor and a professional gospel singer. Sherry is the owner of a large Lexus car dealership. Sherry and four of her children have an overwhelming desire to achieve their dreams but refuse to wait on the Lord to bless them. Unbeknownst to each other they visit a powerful root worker in South Carolina named Doctor Eyes. Sherry and the four children receive what they so desperately desire. But what the devil gives you, he can also take away. What price will they pay? Sex, violence, money, aids, cancer, murder, abortion, and the death penalty shakes this family to the core. Trust will be betrayed, honor will fall and the spirit of deceitfulness will move rampantly from one to the other. Because no one dances with the devil for free! Who will pay?

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 "The Master Deceiver"
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My Call

David and Sheila O’Neil have two daughters Sandra and Christine. The doctors told Sheila she can’t have any more children. Her Pastor speaks prophetic words that she is pregnant with a boy. God has chosen her son Ron to be a powerful evangelist giving him spiritual gifts of faith, healing, and working of miracles. However, Satan himself has a contract on him. His obedient servant is a voodoo doctor named Mr. Bones who has spiritual powers to do almost anything. The prophecy from God must be fulfilled but not without a price and Mr. Bones is relentless and persistent in making sure Ron pays that price. Various temptations are sent Ron’s way including millions of dollars, expensive cars, and fine women. Ron and his best friend Keith experience the lifestyle of the rich and the super powerful on a level that few have ever seen.

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My Call II
Mr. Bones Revenge

This journey is not over. Sometimes in life the very things that you desire to have, are the very things that could destroy you. The journey continues but not without  passionate love and intense pain that few ever realize until it’s too late. So they think! Ron finally receives what he desires but at what price? Will the power of love be enough to hold relationships together when temptation becomes overwhelming.

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     My Call III
The Spirit Of Hell Unleashed

Ron and Diana are happily married. Keith and Stacy could not ask for more because they have each other. Ron's mother Sheila is dating Zechariah who treats her wonderfully. The O'Neil family are doing well. Grandma Harris is still praying and praising God no matter what.
The spirit of the prince of darkness finds bodies to possess and a fury of anger and revenge is sent Ron's way and the O'Neil family comes under attack like they have never known.

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