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 We desire to be a one stop shop for our customers where they may view and order books and receive information concerning our forthcoming books and movies. MPP will provide reliable products and services to all. Treating YOU like our VIPs.

If God has not said no, then never give up! Being persistent in the area of faith, removes the impossible. Remember this, faith is only valuable if you use it. My Provider Productions is responsible for production of the following projects on IMDB


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March 2013


It's not over

Ronald Gray was born in Washington, D.C. and attended high school in Maryland. After the military, and living in various states, he settled in Maryland for a while. He enjoys reading, traveling, and weightlifting. His passion for writing and story telling led to the formation of Black Wall Street New Dream Publishing. Gray looks forward to waking up just to write."My Call" was his first book, but hardly his last. Some people write stories from their imagination, but Gray has lived many of the experiences he writes. He knows what it is like to do supernatural things by the forces of darkness, and then walk in the awesome power of God. To see the impossible become instantly possible.... Miracles! Through this, he strives to be what God has called him to be. Gray refers to God as "King Jesus." Get ready to be emotionally and spiritually blown away by his forthcoming books and movies that are full of drama. You will see yourself in one of the characters in his published works. His stories are for people who want the raw uncut truth. This is the world we live in. Get ready!

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Sid Burston is an American actor who has performed in over forty stage plays and fourteen national tours. He played in numerous lead and supporting roles in film and television. Burston release his debut gospel album Get Thee Behind Me in 1997. View Mr. Burston Wikipedia, IMDB, Google, Stage 32 and Linked in page.

Mr. Burston is the business consultant for MPP concerning novels and film projects. Mr. Gray has worked with Burston on a few of his film projects. Knowing Burston personally and having the opportunity to work with him, I can say you could not have a more professional and dedicated person to work with. He does have a sense of humor which is a blessing. However, when it comes to business he is all business and is very focused. It would be a blessing to have him working on MPP's future film and TV projects.

Mr. Gray is not a typical CEO that sits behind a desk all day working a laptop.

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